Map Revision by M.P.Fitzpatrick

Today I am extremely pleased to announce the debut of a brand new version of our world map, by M.P.Fitzpatrick ! I’ve been waiting a long time to see a new vision of my old and dusty world map come to life and now that day has finally come to realization. M.P.Fitzpatrick appears to really be inspired by our eclectic world of Mana Punk, and more bits of artwork may just work their way to the front page over the coming months. With this new map, I feel myself looking at the world of Zethyria (and Mana Punk in general) in new a

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Demo @ 8th Dimension! (Saturday, March 22 @ 2pm)

Greetings everyone! We have a new demo game scheduled for March 22nd  starting at 2pm.  This game will be hosted by our friends at 8th Dimension Comics & Games, so please be sure to check out their website for location details, and swing by to check us out. 8th Dimension is a great store and we are always happy to be able to game with them. Start time is 2pm and we will be planning for a maximum of 8 players. If we fill all 8 seats, you are still welcome to stay, ask questions and generally heckle our participants.

Website Updates – “Pardon Our Dust”

Over the course of the next three days, our website is going to be getting a much-needed renovation. Over the course of these days you will be seeing layout changes, theme changes and numerous other odd things. Please bear with us, give us time while we get everything hammered out in order to improve your over all experience. Thanks!