Mana Punk related resources can be found below. We hope to have everything from pre-made character PDF files to character generation tools available here in the near future, so keep coming back to check for updates! Unless otherwise specified the resources on this page can be freely redistributed amongst any fellow players in your gaming group.

Player Tools

Character_Builder_1.2 – This is a pre-formatted Excel Spreadsheet (Office / XLSX Format) that has been specifically designed to streamline the character creation process. It does almost all of the necessary math and numbers juggling for you, simplifying the process of getting a character created and printed out, ready to use for a gaming session. This is a great tool to use and customize for your own purposes, so feel free to distribute it amongst your Mana Punk gaming group!
Updated September 19th, 2017 (Big thanks to Saice for updating this!)

Character_Sheets – This ZIP file contains a full set of PDF character sheets designed for Mana Punk characters. There is a specific character sheet for warriors, another for mages and a third for mystics. Additionally each type comes in “Compact” or “Complex” formats giving numerous options for both beginner and veteran players alike.
Updated December 18th, 2011

Pre-Generated Characters

We have a stable of 12 created characters that we have formatted and ready to use for any demo game of Mana Punk that we may give, allowing us to put out a nice cross-section of character classes and races for people to choose from so they can get a good feel for the game. Every one of these characters has already been created and fulled geared up and fleshed out, and includes snippets from the Mana Punk Game Guide for their classes, abilities, and gear! These characters are great for anyone new to the Mana Punk game system as they have so much information for new players to reference while they get to know things.

Feel free to download all 12 of these PDF files (4 Warriors, 4 Mages, & 4 Mystics) for use in your own campaigns, and let us know how they work out!

“Building A Concept” Characters

In an effort to provide even more resources for our readers and players, this section will feature pre-generated characters for our “Building A Concept” article series.

Yorick, The Gravedigger Yorick is a giant necromancer who likes long walks through graveyards at midnight. He enjoys raising the dead, elf operas and crushing skulls with his favorite Shovel, “Buttercup”. (ZIP FILE)

Boone, The Silent Storm – This dark elf hoplite has been engineered as a whirling dervish on the field of battle, whether or not he is taking advantage of his amazing stealth skills. (ZIP FILE)

Baratnik, The Inferno – Stand in the way of this burning tornado of berserker devastation and you risk getting burned to ash in the process. (ZIP FILE)

Game Master Tools

NPC_Builder_1.0 – This is a pre-formatted Excel Spreadsheet that has been specifically designed to assist a Game Master in creating NPCs for print out. It does almost all of the required math for you, including using the NPC Ranking system to help determine their difficulty. We recommend printing out all of your created NPCs so that you can add them to an organized binder, creating a growing catalog of NPCs to choose from for future adventures. Updated January 25th, 2012

GM_Screen_1.0Download and print out this file to construct your own GM Screen for Mana Punk (also usable in many many other games as well). See our article here for details on what supplies you need as well as how to put it all together.

Adventure Modules

“The Bones of Daragom”Face the beginnings of an undead horde as you fight your way through the tomb of the forgotten necromancer Daragom. Stop him from unleashing a scourge of death hidden beneath the A’Bondi sands. This adventure module has been designed for 3 to 6 players of beginner to intermediate experience. This module is also available in print form here.