Website Updates – “Pardon Our Dust”

Over the course of the next three days, our website is going to be getting a much-needed renovation. Over the course of these days you will be seeing layout changes, theme changes and numerous other odd things. Please bear with us, give us time while we get everything hammered out in order to improve your over all experience. Thanks!

Website Update – “Onslaught Stemming”

I realize that the website has seemed rather idle for the greater part of the last month (especially during October). While it may appear this way on the outside, we have actually been under a constant onslaught of spam-bots, each one rapid firing new user registration. Most of these fall by the wayside, stopping once they hit the CAPTCHA wall that guards our Forums or Comments, with less than 10% of those breaching beyond this point to post tantalizing offers regards cheap concert tickets or great offers on kitchen remodeling. The nasty side of all of this.. is the sheer volume

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“Onslaught” – Tales of Business Ownership

For those of you in the studio audience that were not aware, Mana Punk is a fairly small and streamlined operation consisting predominantly of two people: my wife and myself. Every job required to get a small publishing house and RPG game system off the ground gets split between the two of us; from accounting to advertising, editing to layout and design, website maintenance and digital data archiving. You name it, one of the two of us does it, and this is an aspect of small business ownership that both of us knew and accepted when taking up this challenge at

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