Never enough time.

While going through the process of hammering out some game system rules, a few problems have cropped up that have turned into a bit of an effort to get hammered out. Needless to say, the writing process is still ongoing but has ended up pushing our release deadline back through December. We hope to have the main book for Mana Punk out before Christmas, and will endeavor to keep things updated here for better communications.

Back On Track

Things are getting back on track here at MP1 Games after a technical snafu slowed down some of our productivity. We are shooting for a mid-November launch of the Mana Punk Game Guide, and it looks like things are back on schedule! Keep your eyes on the website for some future updates on the game system, coming very soon!

Hardware Issues

Everyone will have to bear with us as this week will be short on updates due to some unforeseen technical issues. Hopefully things will get back to their regular schedule soon, and we can resume complaining about being conned by a goblin named Barnum.