Wonders Of Play Testing

MP1 Games is in a beneficial enough situation to have a great group of play testers at present. They are busy folk to be sure, outside of the play testing sessions. When testing however, we get great feedback and pretty regularly have complete break downs of hilarity and general laughter.

Juggling Goblins

During the early stages of design for Mana Punk, one of the biggest creative problems I had to tackle was striking a balance in things. Balance in how the races behave, what their attribute modifiers are, and how many (if any) special abilities or penalties they may have. If humans are to be the ‘plain brown wrapper’ of races, then how is that best balanced against a Minotaur that can shake the very earth beneath his feet? There were several times, while glancing through all this information, that I felt I would have had an easier time juggling goblins for

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